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Credit Card Processing

The trick to saving money on credit card processing is finding the right advocate to negotiate your contract, set your rates, and sign you up. That’s us.

We work with multiple payment processors to get low-cost payment processing solutions for our clients.

We’ll take the time to really learn about your business, find the processor that’s right for you, and negotiate stellar low rates and contract terms on your behalf.

Our service includes:

  • A FREE in-house phone consultation
  • Expert guidance
  • Interchange+ pricing
  • Custom low rates & a FREE quote
  • All major card brands accepted
  • Multiple payment options
  • Statement auditing by request
  • Ongoing customer support

Our service starts with a complimentary phone consultation, available for free to all new and existing clients of Michigan Registered Agent LLC.

To get signed up, simply hire us to be your Michigan registered agent or to form your business in Michigan, and select the “Free Credit Card Processing Consultation” option on the order form. (If you’re already one of our clients, you can sign up for your free consultation using your secure client login instead.)

We’ll reach out to you by email within a few business days and tell you when to expect a call.


What is Credit Card Processing?

Credit card processing is a service that allows merchants to accept credit card payments and other payment types that don’t involve cash or paper checks. Also called “payment processing,” this includes signature debit, PIN debit, EBT, eCheck processing, and a range of other possible value-added services to fit your company’s needs.

Credit card processing is provided by payment processors that typically work through sales agents who sign up merchants, set their overall rates, and otherwise serve as the merchant’s main point of contact with the payment processor.

At Michigan Registered Agent LLC, that’s a service we can provide.

Why Can We Get You a Better Deal?

The person or company who signs you up with a payment processor can have a big impact on the overall fees you’ll pay. If that person’s goal is to make a killing, they’ll set your markups higher. If their goal is to save your business money, they’ll give you a better deal.

So what makes us so confident that we can get you a better deal?

  • We don’t rely on credit card processing to pay the bills. Our bread and butter is providing Michigan registered agent, LLC formation, and incorporation services, which means we don’t need to make much from signing up merchants for credit card processing. For our clients, that translates into lower processing costs than they’re likely to get from many other agents working with payment processors.
  • We offer transparent interchange-plus pricing. With an interchange-plus pricing plan, you’ll have a much clearer look at your overall processing costs than you would with more opaque flat-rate and tiered pricing plans. Plus, interchange-plus pricing allows your business to pay less for transactions with lower interchange rates and save money in the long run.
  • We’re not bound to any one processor. This is crucial because we don’t have to accept bad deals. We can shop your account until we find the right processor at the right price for your business.

Put simply, we can get you a better deal because we’re motivated to get you a better deal. And that’s the key to saving money here: the motivation of the person or company who signs you up. In our case, we’re motivated to keep you on business by keeping your costs low.

How Does Our Credit Card Processing Service Work?

Your free phone consultation is just the first part of our credit card processing service.

Here’s how the service works from start to finish:

  1. We go over the nuts and bolts of your business. Once we’re on the phone with you, we dive into the details of your business’s payment processing needs, including discussing your business type and sales information.
  2. We put together a quote for you. Based on what we learn during your free phone consultation, we design a rates package and shoot you a free quote in your secure client account. Accept and we can proceed. If the quote isn’t to your liking, though, we can discuss other options.
  3. We walk you through the application process. You’ve accepted your quote—now we help you complete and submit your application based on the rates and contract terms we’ve discussed.
  4. You hash out the details with the processor’s underwriters. The payment processor’s underwriting department will discuss your business’s financial situation, credit history, and other particulars. We don’t pry into your business here. If your application isn’t approved, we can discuss your options. If your application is approved, we can get the ball rolling on setting you up to accept card payments.

Did we mention we provide ongoing customer support? We mean it. Once you start accepting payments, you can count on us to be there for the long haul. We’re ready to monitor your account, attend to your concerns, and help keep your processor honest year after year.

Sign up today and start taking payments!