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by Michigan Registered Agent LLC

Michigan Business Forms and Resources Center

Starting your own business is hard enough even without the mountains of paperwork involved. Let us help with some of the documents you might need to file or even create. On this page we have three types of Michigan Business Forms available for free:

1) All forms from the State of Michigan (LARA). Instead of navigating the pages of hyperlinks from one agency to the next, we’ve put them all right here in one place for download.

2) Our own legal forms created by our in-house attorneys. These are forms you would otherwise have to create from scratch—or worse yet, hire someone to make for you.

3) Business reference documents for any additional questions you might have. Sometimes you just need to look up an answer. We save you time by gathering all the information you’ll need right here.

State of Michigan (LARA) forms

All the forms (organized alphabetically) in this section are available on the State of Michigan LARA website. We have simply put them in one easy-to-find spot.

Michigan Articles of Organization

Consider this form as the birth certificate of your company. You will need to fill this form out correctly and file it to have your company recognized by the State of Michigan.

Assumed Name Certificate

An Assumed Name is commonly called a DBA (for “doing business as”). Many companies choose to operate under an assumed name for franchising opportunities and/or branding purposes.

Michigan Business Taxes Registration Booklet

Make sure you have your bases covered when it comes to Uncle Sam’s portion. The booklet provided by the Michigan Treasury Department gives you instructions on registering your business for taxation as well as the forms to fill out.

Michigan Certificate of Dissolution form 

Ending a business requires documentation. With this form you legally end your company’s existence.

Expedited Service Request

Need your articles filed fast? This is the form you’ll need filled out when you arrive at the LARA office for expedited filing service.

Application to reserve a business entity name 

Got a name you really like, but you’re not ready to file your incorporation paperwork yet? Call dibs on that awesome name with this application form.

Michigan Registered Agent Legal Forms Template

Our team of legal experts have created these Michigan business forms to help you start and maintain your business.

LLC Legal Forms:

Annual Meeting Minutes

When LLC members meet and make decisions, it should be clearly documented. Our template makes sure you have crossed all your Ts.

Membership Certificate

Formally document individual members’ ownership in your company using our template.

Michigan Operating Agreement

An operating agreement is an optional document that may outline your company’s business structure, how the profits and losses are distributed, and the process to dissolve your LLC. Drafting an operating agreement is a good move. Banks usually want to see an operating agreement before you can open a business account.

We have operating agreement templates for:

  • Single-member-managed
  • Multi-member-managed
  • Manager-managed

Corporation Legal Forms:

Annual Board of Directors Meeting

Record the goings-on of the most important meeting your corporation will have all year.

Annual Shareholders Meeting

Make the changes to your board officially using this form.


Formalize the operations and procedures of your corporation. Having a set of bylaws is a crucial step toward ensuring success.

Certificate of Stock

Issue a corporate stock certificate to document a shareholder’s stock ownership using this template.

Corporate Resolution

Making a big decision? Have it properly documented with all the pertinent details.

Initial Corporate Resolution

Get your business off the ground and heading toward success with this founding document.

Reference Documents

Sometimes you need to look up an answer. We’ve gathered some of the most-used reference guides and put them right here.

Annual Statement

All the ins and outs of your annual statement filing are explained in detail.

Business Name Guide

What’s in a name? A lot apparently. LARA created a guide to show you what you can and cannot do.

Business Name Restrictions

There’s a lot of no-no’s for naming your business. LARA has 82 pages of restrictions.

Common Corporation Filing Problems

The folks at LARA have seen the common pratfalls of those who file and fail, so they created this helpful guide to help you navigate the filing process.

Corporation Filing Information

Here’s everything you need to know about filing your corporation with the state of Michigan.

Entrepreneur’s Guide

Don’t know the difference between an LLC and an LLP? The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) created this guide to familiarize people with common business terms.