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by Michigan Registered Agent LLC

Michigan LLC Formation

Starting a Michigan LLC can be daunting, but we make the process easy and stress-free. When you hire us to form your LLC in Michigan, we’ll take care of the paperwork so you can focus on what matters most—running your business. We’ll also include everything needed to quickly establish an online business presence, including a customizable website, domain name, SSL Certificate, business email, and phone number for no additional upfront cost.


Benefits of Starting a Michigan LLC

  • Liability Protection: When you form a Michigan LLC, you create a legal separation between the business and you (the owner). So, your personal assets (such as your car or house) will be protected should your LLC ever face legal action.
  • Flexibility: Michigan LLCs have more flexible management and procedure structures. For example, corporations must appoint a board of directors and hold annual meetings, whereas LLCs do not. Michigan LLCs can be managed by members (like a partnership) or managers (like officers of a corporation). Having more flexibility allows LLC owners to adapt quickly and easily.
  • Privacy: Unlike other states, Michigan does not require listing the names or addresses of your LLC’s members and managers.
  • Tax benefits: By default, LLCs are taxed as pass-through entities. Annual profits are passed through to each member, who reports their shares and losses on their personal income taxes. Corporations (by default) are taxed as C-Corps. So, the business must file taxes at the state and federal levels before passing earnings to shareholders.

A Michigan LLC is an excellent option for anyone looking to start a business that’s easy to form and maintain. Get started today for just $149 plus state fees!

How do I start a Michigan LLC?

The easiest way to start a Michigan LLC is to hire us! For just $149 plus state fees, we’ll provide more than just business formation and professional registered agent service. You get immediate access to our library of Michigan business forms, a secure online account, real-time annual report reminders, and all the tools to establish an online presence for your LLC.

But if you would rather take the DIY route, follow the steps outlined below. Remember, you can still hire us for registered agent service at just $49 a year.

  1. Choose a name for your Michigan LLC
  2. Get a Michigan registered agent
  3. File the Articles of Organization
  4. Create an Operating Agreement
  5. File a Beneficial Owner Information (BOI) report
  6. Get an EIN
  7. Open a business bank account

Choose a name for your Michigan LLC

The name of your Michigan LLC must satisfy three state requirements:

  1. Your business name must contain an identifier such as “limited liability company,” “LC,” or “LLC.”
  2. Your company name must be distinguishable from other Michigan businesses. So, your business name cannot be identical or too similar to another Michigan company.
  3. You cannot use any words or phrases that may be misleading. For example, if you own a beauty salon, you cannot use words such as “medical” or “attorney.”

You can search the Michigan Business Database to make sure the business name you want is available.

Get a Michigan Registered Agent

A Michigan registered agent (also called a resident agent) is a mandatory requirement from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). A registered agent is an individual (18 or older) or company authorized to provide registered agent service that must be available during standard business hours to accept legal and state mail. But, the key to electing a strong registered agent is picking an individual or company that is reliable, professional, and experienced—a company like us.

Although you can act as your own registered agent, it comes with some privacy risks. When you file Articles of Organization, you must include your registered agent’s name and physical address. But if you hire us for Michigan LLC formation, we’ll list our Michigan address instead of your personal information.

File the Articles of Organization

To form your Michigan LLC, you must file Articles of Organization with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). The filing fee is $50.

If you’re ready to begin, use our online form below. It’s FREE—whether you choose to hire us to form your Michigan LLC or file yourself. You can even save your progress and come back later.

What are the filing requirements for the Michigan Articles of Organization?

You’ll need to include the following information in your articles:

  1. Name of your LLC.
  2. Business purpose.
  3. Duration. If your LLC will close on a specific date, you must indicate that here. Otherwise, you can leave this blank.
  4. Name and street address of your Michigan registered agent.
  5. Additional provisions. You may include other provisions, such as member/manager information.
  6. Name, phone number, and signature of the person filing.

You can file the Articles of Organization online, by mail, or in person. The filing fee is $50.

LARA Corporations Online Filing System

Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Corporations Securities & Commercial Licensing Bureau Corporations Division
P.O. Box 30054
Lansing, MI 48909

2407 N Grand River Ave.
Lansing, MI 48906

Filings are typically processed within 2-3 weeks. However, if you need a quicker turnaround, you can pay an additional fee for expedited service.

  • $50 for 24 hours
  • $500 for 2 hours
  • $1000 for 1 hour


Create an Operating Agreement

Like most states, Michigan has no specific law requiring LLCs to draft an operating agreement. However, it’s considered good practice to have an agreement in place. Why? Your bank will likely ask to see your operating agreement before setting up a business bank account. And, if there’s ever an internal dispute, a well-crafted operating agreement can provide clarity.

Not sure how to create an operating agreement? No worries! When you sign up for our Michigan LLC formation service, we’ll provide an attorney-drafted operating agreement you can customize to fit your needs.

File a Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Report

Your Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) report is a federal filing that provides the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) with basic information about your LLC and the people with the most influence over your business. You’ll need to disclose your LLC’s name, address, and personal or tax ID details, the individual(s) responsible for filing your Articles of Organization, and all individuals with substantial control over business decisions and/or who own at least 25% of your LLC.

Starting January 1, 2024, most new LLCs must file a BOI report within 30 days of company formation (or 90 days if formed anytime within 2024). If your LLC is formed before 2024, you have until January 1, 2025 to file. You can file online through FinCEN’s secure database for free, and the information you provide doesn’t go on the public record.

Or, if you don’t want to spend time figuring it all out, hire us. For just $9, we’ll file your company’s BOI report for you.

Get an EIN

If you plan to hire employees, you will need to get an Employer ID Number (EIN) through the IRS. Even if you’re a single-member LLC with no employees, getting an EIN is still a good idea. EINs are often used for banking, taxes, and other business-related functions. You can apply for an EIN at no cost on the IRS website. Or for an additional $50, we’ll get an EIN for you when you sign up for our Michigan LLC formation service.

Open a Business Bank Account

Establishing a business bank account isn’t required by the state. However, it will help bolster your Michigan LLC’s liability protection by adding a layer of protection between your personal assets and your business’s assets. In addition, having a separate bank account for your LLC will make it easier to accept/make payments and keep your financial records organized.

Benefits of Hiring Us to Start Your Michigan LLC

When you hire us to start your Michigan LLC ($149 plus state fees), you get all the tools to hit the ground running. We’ll file your Articles of Organization, provide a year of registered agent service, a secure online account, and real-time annual report reminders. Our package also includes:

  • A customizable website
  • Domain name
  • SSL Certificate to show customers your website is secure
  • Business email
  • Local Michigan phone number

You’ll have everything needed to build and grow your business. Get your Michigan LLC started today for just $149 plus state fees.

Michigan LLC FAQs

Do I need to file a Michigan Annual Statement?

Yes. All LLCs must file an Annual Statement by February 15 each year. LARA will send a reminder to your registered agent 90 days before the due date. You or your registered agent must ensure your business information is correct and current. Michigan LLCs formed after September 30 do not need to file an Annual Statement by the first February 15 immediately following formation. If you fail to file the statement for two consecutive years, your LLC could be administratively dissolved.

Do I need a DBA for my Michigan LLC?

Many companies operate under an assumed name (also often called a DBA) because it allows for franchising and branding opportunities. If you’re interested in registering an assumed name, you can select our Trade Name Service inside your account after signing up for our LLC formation service. We will register your LLC’s assumed name for $125 plus state fees.

Do I need a Michigan business license?

Some businesses require certifications or licenses at either the state or local level. Checking what licenses you need will only take a few minutes, and it’s time well spent. The consequences of operating a business without a proper license can be severe. For more information, check out LARA’s state license page.

Does my business need a website?

While it depends on the nature of your business, the answer is generally a resounding YES. It’s how you connect to your customers or clients. With the right tools, you can establish a professional Michigan business presence.

That’s why our LLC formation package includes everything you’ll need. You get a business domain for a year. We include 90 days free of your own customizable and secure website, a business email address attached to your domain, SSL for your website’s security, and a business phone number that you can connect to your computer using an internet connection or your other devices using our iOS or Android app. All are included at no additional upfront cost. You can cancel anytime.